Below is a survey we send out to all our patients with current statistics on responses and a listing of responses.

1. How would you rate your overall visit?
86% Excellent
10% Very good
3% Average
1% Not so good

2. Was our team friendly and responsive to your needs
98% Yes
3% So so
0% Not really

3. How comfortable were you doing your visit?
84% Very comfortable, no discomfort at all.
14% Somewhat comfortable, considering the treatment I needed
1% Kind of hurt at times.
1% That was a tough appointment, serious discomfort.
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4. Were your financial options explained to you?
43% Yes
4% No
54% I already understand my financial options

5. Would you refer your friends and family to us?
100% Yes
I'm not sure

6. Other comments

Always awesome! Michael G. 12/24/2014
So happy with your family friendly professional service. Scott S. 1/10/2015
A great place. Very friendly staff. Patty C. 1/7/2015
I really appreciate how they stay on top of any new technology and incorporate into your treatment. Bryan T1/21/2015
Very positive experience, everyone had my best interests at heart Jeri T. 12/16/2014
Very helpful staff Brady Z. 11/19/2014

First visit to West Jordan Dental. I just had a cleaning and no cavities. Nothing really to mention except that I trust Dr. Arroyo to provide the best care and options without trying to sell me anything or doing unnecessary work just to earn more money. I had a bad experience with another dentist that would do that, but I feel confident it wont happen here. Anonymous 12/13/2015

Very great experience! Staff was very kind. Brook, the hygienist who treated me was great. Dr. Arroyo was very good about explaining everything to me. Aaron A. 3/27/2015

I had a very bad experience with my last dentist and coming here has been a great decision. I really like the staff and treatment that I got. Alexis C 3/28/2015

Dr. Arroyo is very professional and easy going! I enjoy the entire office. They are all very knowledgable and are willing to make suggestions for the best options for my teeth. I love having clean teeth!! Thank you!! Allision N. 5/28/2015

Bailey was new and she did a great job! Jeri T. 6/26/2015

Wisdom tooth extraction. The pain escalated quickly and I was needing it pulled. Tooth pain is the worst. After calling 4 oral surgeons, I could not get anyone to consider my situation an emergency. They all wanted me to wait anywhere from 1 week to 1 month. That's a lot of pain medication :( Also, they all required a pano x-ray. Everyone in my dentist's office was on vacation for the week,there was no way to get my hands on my records until they returned. My husband called Dr. Aaroyo's office and they got me in the next day. They did the pano x-ray, I consulted with Dr. Aaroyo and he extracted the tooth. The whole visit took about an hour. Hooray!! Dr. Aaroyo took great care in the whole process. Extraction is never fun. However; Dr. Arroyo did all he could to make it as pleasant as possible. I had the same proceedure done 5 years ago on the other side by an oral surgeon near my home, my experience in Dr. Aaroyo's office was all together a better experience. And less $$. Bonus* Jamalene T. 7/12/2015

For many years, Dr. Mark Arroyo and his staff have taken care of mine and my family's dental care. They're just a wonderful group of people who make visits to the dentist as positive as possible. They're thorough, friendly and will match their schedule with yours.' Plus, they help you navigate the complex world of dental insurance such that you, as a patient, have to do very little. They're just very nice and very competent professionals, all. Mark M. 7/28/2015

I really like how fast I get in and out. I have never waited very long before I get in for my check up. I appreciate how they respond to you from the moment you walk in the door. Ronette D. 9/2015

I love coming here. I would drive a long way just to keep coming here. Christian C. 9/2015

Enjoyed my visit. Great staff. George C. 10/2015

The very best Dentist in the SLC valley. A great staff of folks. Patty C 11/2015

I love that me & my daughter found such an amazing dental office!! Such a treat from the time we walk in! Corrina D. 4/2016

Hands down the best staff and dentist in Utah. Always kind and helpful. Know their job and do it well. They keep us posted of our overall oral health and make recommendations without being pushy. Not driven by $$ BUT rather by educating and providing the best care possible. Michael G. 4/2016

West Jordan Dental is the best Dentist office to visit twice a year in the Salt Lake Valley! My teeth have never been better. George C. 5/2016

Dr. Arroyo and staff are fabulous! Very friendly and on time with appointments. Great to work with. Anonymous 7/2016

We felt confidence in the procedure and diagnosis to fix. Very pleasant doctor and receptionist. Max is hard of hearing and everything was explained to him patiently. Thank you! Max P. 8/2016

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